Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

On the website you can buy high-quality railway spare parts for repairing railroad cars and diesel locomotives and geological exploration products at a reasonable price, wholesale discounts and guarantee for the supplied spare parts.

Since 1998, the Bryanka Drilling Equipment Plant has traveled a difficult but interesting way to develop mechanical engineering for the railway industry and geological exploration technologies.

Much has changed since then since 1998.

In 2018, the management structure has changed and the team of TD BZBO LLC has gone through many changes. We have transformed not only the structure of the enterprise and the trading house. The circle of tasks before us is now more precisely outlined, a new strategy for the production of products for the Russian Federation has been developed. The most important are the goals to improving the quality of products and competitive prices for products that are marked and firmly defined in the market.

We have chosen very complex industries for our activities, but at the same time they are interesting, responsible and very useful for people.

Over the years of hard work, the team has gained rich practical experience in Russia and the CIS. Real interaction and cooperation, both with commercial and state-owned enterprises in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland.

Our path of development and cooperation in mechanical engineering began at a time when there were no rules and conditions on high-quality parts market. Now, most of the current laws that allow the business environment in Russia to develop a civilized policy of market relations are benefiting the industry.  These relations and technology are crucial components of today's business.

The time of experiments in mechanical engineering and thirst for research, series of trial and error, the joy of ups, the bitterness of loss made our team a united group of individuals who follow the path of construction, development and creation of the machine-building cluster of the economy.

Our moral principles are based on honor, openness, mutual understanding, respect, readiness for development and cooperation.

Dear colleagues, we are very grateful for your recognition of our activities. Long-term cooperation and partnership with you is the most valuable component and the main task for the future.

We are doing everything for the preservation, development and establishment of friendly relations.

We hope that the information posted on the website will be quite enough to familiarize yourselves with our proposals in all directions, and if not, it will be a good reason to contact our experts or visit us. We wish you good luck and prosperity!

Delivery of spare parts in Russia from the company TD BZBO:
Shipment of high-quality railway parts and reliable drill bits is carried out from our warehouse in the city of Moscow. Delivery of railway spare parts is also possible by agreement of the parties to the city of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kemerovo, Naberezhnye Chelny or to any region of the Russian Federation.

More detailed information on the production of experimental products according to your drawings can be obtained from our design consultant by phone.

Moscow, +7 (499) 7035175, Tel. / viber: +79259375075.